Ebook Ghostwriting services in Delaware

Are You Looking For eBook Ghostwriting Services In Delaware?

eBook ghostwriting services are in high demand nowadays since more people are recognizing the worth of delegating book-writing tasks to experts. It is much better to let experienced and educated writers handle the writing gig instead of doing it yourself. 

Don’t you agree? Imagine you want to write an eBook but do not possess the skills or expertise to execute your plan successfully. 

Yes, you can learn to write a book, but that demands commitment and takes up a lot of your precious time. How would you free yourself from your busy schedule to start writing a book? 

The wise thing to do in that case is to pay someone else to write for you and publish the work under your name. That’s what ghostwriting is all about. 

Don’t worry, your decision to hire a ghostwriter for an eBook is not going to get you in any trouble. It is completely legal to employ the services of book writers in the state of Delaware. Many individuals depend on ghostwriters to publish a book in their name as they are unable to get the time or simply lack the knowledge to do it themselves. 

From successful entrepreneurs to celebrities, many people belonging to different professions work with ghostwriters to make sure their book comes out perfectly. 

For instance, President John F Kennedy used a ghostwriter’s assistance to publish his Pulitzer award-winning book called ‘Profiles in Courage.’ Similarly, Gwenyth Paltrow admitted to taking help from a ghostwriter for her cookbook named ‘My Father’s Daughter.’ 

As far as the writing credit goes, you can mention the ghostwriter’s name on the book as a co-writer if the contract states it. It depends on your agreement with the ghostwriter while hiring them for the job. 

It is important to know that eBook ghostwriters are happy to be behind the scenes as they get paid sufficiently for their services. 

How Much Money Do Ghostwriters Charge? 

Here’s a million-dollar question that must be doing rounds in your brain currently. It is vital to know how much ghostwriters charge to make up your mind about hiring one. 

Firstly, your contract with the ghostwriter must state how you are going to pay them. You have multiple options to compensate a writer for their services, including; 

Ghostwriting Services

  • $/word 
  • An hourly pay 
  • A per page fee 
  • Pay on the basis of projects 

Book writing is a comprehensive job that requires a lot of time and other resources. You do not simply start writing a book the moment an idea pops up in your mind. It is crucial to conduct some research to verify the information and acquire valuable knowledge before using it in the book. Then comes the writing, editing, rewriting, and proofreading parts of the project. Hence, it seems logical that experienced ghostwriters enjoy high pay scales. 

If you want a book proposal, then writers can demand hourly pay of $40 to $250 per hour. Some writers charge a flat fee of up to $18000 for such projects. For research, writers get paid $15 to $150 per hour or $400 to $600 per day. The rates vary according to the expertise needed and the complexities of the project. 

Highly experienced writers charge significantly larger amounts compared to beginners, who mostly take on projects to build their portfolios. Ghostwriters charge $15000 to $40000 for a book of 120 pages. 

A book of 250 pages can cost you somewhere between $30000 to $70000. Although, these rates can easily increase if you are hiring an accomplished writer with a couple of well-known books under their belt. Ghostwriting charges can also fall into the six-figure realm, depending on the writer’s skill set and competency. 

Drawing Up A Standard Ghostwriting Contract 

It is safe to say that drawing up a ghostwriting contract that covers all the details of the project protects you and your hard-earned investment from incurring substantial losses. Plus, a written agreement between the two parties establishes their working relationship and clarifies everyone’s expectations. 

Let’s look at the details of a standard contract for employing professional eBook ghostwriting services;

  • Include the name of the employer and the ghostwriter being hired for the book writing job.  
  • Explicitly state that you are hiring an eBook ghostwriter to produce original work to avoid the risks of plagiarism, which can get a person in a lot of trouble with the law. Not to mention the damage it does to an individual’s reputation if they copy someone else’s work. 
  • Add all the specifications regarding the project, including the description of the book, its title, the total number of pages, the estimated timeline, and so on. Do not leave out any information about the agreement between you and your ghostwriter. 
  • Your contract should state the project deadline as well as the deliverables expected from the ghostwriter. 
  • Explain the duties of the hired writer clearly. You can also mention your responsibilities for the project. 
  • How are you going to revise the drafts submitted by the ghostwriter? Also, describe if the writer is entitled to any additional pay for revisions. 
  • Most importantly, state who will retain the copyright ownership. Plus, the contract must contain information about the writing credits as agreed upon with the ghostwriter. 
  • Add a confidentiality clause if you want your writer to keep all the information related to the book writing project confidential. 
  • Clearly explain the terms of termination of the ghostwriter. Don’t forget to include details of what will happen if you or the writer want to end the agreement before its final date. 
  • Mention how you are going to pay the writer for their services. Whether the writer receives a down payment, gets paid on the basis of certain deliverables, or charges hourly rates, explain all of it in your contract.

It proves increasingly helpful to have a lawyer review your contract before signing it, especially if you are investing a lot of money and resources to hire an eBook ghostwriter.  

Drawing up a contract allows everyone involved in a project to do their job effectively without worrying about any unpleasant incidents. 

Where To Look For An eBook Ghostwriter? 

GhostWriting Services

You would think that finding a ghostwriter in today’s technologically advanced world of the internet is an easy task. However, it is not. There are many ways to look for a ghostwriter who can help you write the next bestseller. 

Regardless, you need to understand that searching for a book writer is one thing while vetting them is another. It requires a lot of experience and knowledge to find a suitable ghostwriter. 

You can start your search for an eBook ghostwriter from Google. It can prove useful in finding several book writers you can possibly hire for the job. Many ghostwriters have websites where you can read about them and view their previous work. You can also contact them through their sites and schedule one-on-one meetings to take the hiring process further. 

LinkedIn is also a potentially good outlet to search for ghostwriters. You may need to spend a sufficient amount of time going over profiles of experienced writers to shortlist the ones that seem to match your requirements. Needless to say, looking for the right ghostwriter can quickly turn into a hectic, time-consuming task. 

Freelance Platforms 

Freelance writer websites are a feasible option for availing professional eBook ghostwriting services. Such platforms are full of remote ghostwriters hungry for work to earn money. You can visit a freelance website, sign up as a client, and start searching for your writer by applying the appropriate search filters. 

But there’s a catch! Freelance platforms have so many writers available for book writing and other gigs that it becomes difficult to discover the best ones. 

Reedsy is a globally renowned freelance website connecting talented book writers with people who require their services. There, you can look for writers according to your book’s genre, language, and other considerable factors. It is also possible to optimize your search on Reedsy by mentioning if you want a fiction or a nonfiction book writer.  

Fiverr & Upwork are two other popular freelance platforms you may use to find eBook ghostwriting services. While these are well-known websites, using them to hire a ghostwriter for a book is not a wise move. This is because you will find all sorts of writers, from competent ones to complete amateurs who charge more and deliver less. 

One must only use freelance platforms if they are excellent at vetting ghostwriters through interviews, testimonies, and portfolios. You cannot risk hiring the wrong person for the job and realizing it afterward when most of the damage has been done. 

Ghostwriting Companies 

A ghostwriting company is an entity where multiple ghostwriters work to finish a book for various clients. Unlike a freelance platform, you no longer need to worry about vetting the writers, as these companies have professionals with years of experience on their teams. 

Furthermore, a ghostwriting company does not only handle the writing part of the book but takes care of all the publishing and marketing work. It is a one-stop solution where you do not need to pay extra for editing, proofreading, and finalization of the book. 

Prime Ghostwriting is an acclaimed company you can hire to write and publish a book. It ensures that all your spending proves worthwhile without putting it at risk of substantial losses. It has competent book writers known for delivering high-quality work with impressive consistency. 

Book Writing Inc and Write Right are two other ghostwriting companies you can consider for delegating the book writing task to a team of experts. This is indeed a more fruitful approach to finding the perfect ghostwriters for the job compared to freelance websites and private searches. 

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring An eBook Ghostwriter? 

So, how does hiring a ghostwriter for an eBook helps you? Yes, it saves you from dedicating a lot of time and effort to writing a book, but is that all? Certainly not. 

One of the main advantages of collaborating with a ghostwriter is that you get to publish a book without any errors. Ghostwriters are skilled at forming correct sentence structures with the correct use of tenses and zero grammatical mistakes that can throw off the readers. 

In addition to this, writers know how to turn great ideas into great books. They can implement the appropriate usage of analogies and metaphors to grab the readers’ attention. 

Plus, assigning the book writing gig to a ghostwriter frees you from the worries of learning to do it yourself. You can also publish a book on trending subjects without possessing any expertise on them. Ghostwriters are professionals who can write about anything and have amazing research skills. Hence, their work remains unrivaled in every aspect. 

Another benefit is that your book gets completed on time. It often happens that you want to write a book but finding the right time to begin and keep going becomes impossible. Hiring a ghostwriter saves you from procrastinating and wasting time by paying an expert to finish the job. 


You are now aware of all the details one needs to understand before hiring eBook ghostwriting services. What’s important to realize is that paying an expert to write a book that is published under your name is never going to be cheap. 

You need to have a sufficient budget to afford an experienced and skilled ghostwriter. Otherwise, you cannot hire the right person for the job and your book is going to suffer from poor writing. 

Apart from working with a ghostwriting company or finding book writers through freelance platforms, you can also ask for referrals from others. This way, you can come across remote ghostwriters who have written high-quality books for your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. 

While vetting a ghostwriter, go through their entire portfolio and ask them questions about how they work on a book. Asking the right questions tells you a lot about a writer’s capability. You can also talk to a ghostwriter’s references to validate their claims before making the final decision. 

Professional eBook ghostwriting services prove extremely valuable if you go through the right steps to hire them. So, are you ready to take on this task? 

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