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“HowE-book ghostwriting can help you become a Published Author”?


We see you have written many E-book ghostwriting and are now seeking to become a published author. The good part is that the internet is in your favor today because this blog is about “How E-book ghostwriting can help you become a Published Author?”

First, let’s clear your vision regarding that who is an author.

The written work of an author gets published. In addition, they produce ideas and content of their work through science fiction novels, children’s books, and various literary pieces. For this reason, most authors are writers, but not all writers are authors.

Writing a book is a challenging job as it takes years to come up with crisp content, keeping in mind what writing style, characters, and the theme of the plot forces your readers to binge-read the entire novel. Like you binge-watch a series on Netflix!

Now the case of a ghostwriter is different. How so?

Ghostwriter acts like a ‘stunt double’ for the actual hero, oh apologies, ‘author’ because the ghost generates words on the behalf of the main writer, and the author is gifted with the entire credit.

You must be wondering how unfair is this practise that you don’t even get to use your name? The twist in the story is that the actual party knows that he/she does not have the required time to give to the E-book, hence a deal is made with the ghost agreeing to do E-book ghostwriting on a fixed commission.

Getting an E-book ghostwriter has its own advantages.

  • Time Savers:

Writing is not as simple, straightforward, and definitely not child’s play as you think. You need to do thorough research and dedicate enough time to it to produce good writing.

Most writers, who run their own businesses, find it tough to give time to e-book ghostwriting; therefore, ghosts save your time in writing it.

Delegate this task to someone outside your organization, so that you and your team can focus more on growing leads, making sales, improving your business, and onboarding new customers.

It gives you the room to think more strategically about your business and areas of growth. And during this, you can relax yourself that someone professional is taking care of your content.


  • Brand Awareness:

Ghostwriters help companies and personalities build brand awareness faster.

It looks easier. Why? Because instead of an executive managing his priorities to publish quality stories once a month, hiring a reputable ghostwriter can speed up the process of getting your brand’s story out there.

Leaders have to manage business which is why the writing task just seems like a side-hobby to them, but ghostwriters’ main job is only writing and due to the low importance of such writing tasks, they are usually the first task to get dropped from the workflow.


  • Ghostwriters Are Professional Writers:

Oh, now you are worrying that how will the ghost sound like you? If you have hired a professional e-book ghostwriter then quit thinking as they know how to play.

Writing is a profession where many companies fail. They ignore to hire professional copywriters or editors whereas as most ghostwriters spend their entire working hours doing writing only. Many have been practicing and building themselves for years so lean on them for their expertise.


  • Ghostwriters Know SEO:

Ghostwriters know about optimizing content for search. If your written pieces are going to be used online, they will know what to include and how to structure them for SEO. It’s not that you don’t realize the importance of SEO because it is essential for any business and it’s important for online writers to know their way around this. Consider yourself lucky with a ghostwriter assisting you as you won’t have to learn this yourself because you can rely on your writer for this.

Companies today understand that the CEO’s voice is not only going to spread the message better, but the message must be found online and this is where ghostwriter enters.

Ghostwriters trained in SEO are crucial for top results as it isn’t just keywords and backlinks anymore, but includes quality content that is bylined by an authoritative voice and easily shareable too.

The professional e-book ghostwriter will know SEO, write engaging and quality content, and to make sure this content is found online.


  • Original Content:

The content produced by an e-book ghostwriter is original, however, most people think a ghostwriter finishes accuracy. This can happen if a ghostwriter is changed often; as it’s quite likely that their genuine voice diminishes quickly. If these people/companies have built a fan base, those followers will immediately know something is not right hinting towards that something is fishy.


  • Quick Delivery:

True professionals know they are good at what they do as ghostwriters can deliver a piece around a lot quicker than you would.


  • Give You Ideas:

After working with you for a while, writers become so familiar with your business that they will have an ardent sense of what you do and insight into your audience. This eventually makes them give you better ideas regarding your writing that can impress both old and future customers. They could even help you put together a content plan. Alternatively, you could bounce creative ideas around. Sounds interesting right?


  • Fast Learners:

If you’re on the hunt for e-book ghostwriters for hire, know that you won’t be their only client. They will have other clients too. By having many clients on board, writers are forced to learn a lot in a short span of time. This means that even if your industry is relatively unknown or new to them, they are quick learners and will be able to learn in no time.

Yes, you will have to to initially brief them with some background on what you do, but their vast experience with various other clients helps them absorb information quickly.


  • Brand Voice:

Consistently using the same writer will result in a distinct voice for your brand. Writers can help you establish precisely what it should be. They will be able to craft every line with this voice and ensure that no matter where people read your content, the voice is always the same.

Companies Providing E-Book Ghostwriting Services

Many companies in the USA provide e-book ghostwriting services.

Please read the following names:


  • A Content Company:

Based in Waterloo, Canada, A Content Company offers well-researched and good-quality content. You will get well-structured, engaging, and error-free content. Every written piece is reviewed several times before the final delivery so that you receive a fine-tuned final draft that will surpass your expectations.

  • Top Quality Writing:

Gerald Hedlund owns the company. A published, award-winning writer,who claims to do all the work himself. His portfolio consists of generating copy for individuals to Fortune 500 companies around the world. Writing compelling content is part art, part science he has mastered the melding of both to help capture attention.

  • CIWS

If you need of high-quality content, please contact Clarke International Writing Services to learn how they can accommodate you.

  • EpicOwl

They are offering everything from the content queen to the design whiz to the marketing guru and the code nerd.  A tribe of eclectic individuals on a mission to create epic digital footprints that get people to take notes. Because, at the end of the day, that is what every marketing campaign is all about. And Epic Owl executes it in the right way.

We hope you have planned how to outsource your e-book ghostwriter or which e-book ghostwriting services you will be using.

Looking forward to charm an audience with your words and style.


Good Luck!

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