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Publish Your First Book Now By Hiring An Expert Writer

Do you want to become a book writer but lack the skills for writing well-crafted and engaging content? There is nothing to worry about if you are unable to write a book, as finding a ghostwriter nowadays is no big deal. One can easily find an experienced and skillful book writer via the internet. Moreover, you can also hire the services of a well-known book-writing agency.

Every person who wants to put out a book under their name has to write a bestseller. Whether you are interested in writing novels, memoirs, or any other type of book, it has to be a good one to do well in the market. You can easily hire a book writer and let an expert do the job under your supervision. As a result, you get to enjoy the perks of having a bestseller on the book stands of multiple cities across the globe.

So, what kind of book are you thinking of writing? Your answer to this question will decide the type of book writer you need. Perhaps, you want to write a fictional adventure story that grabs the attention of your readers from the first page and retains it till the last one. Gruesome and imaginative details greatly help in developing a reader’s interest in the book.

You can also write an autobiography, explaining your life journey in a noticeably transparent manner. Honesty and transparency are what a reader values when they are reading a memoir. Knowing such information is necessary if you want to become a book writer successfully.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Book Writer?

This question must have crossed your mind in the beginning. People think it is quite expensive to employ a ghostwriter since it is a highly sophisticated and time-consuming job. They are partially right since the book writing price of a good writer is pretty high.

The prices of a book writer differ on the basis of three factors;

  •         The length of content you require.
  •         How much writing material you are giving a writer, to begin with?
  •         The writer’s skills and experience.

An inexperienced writer who is desperate for a client does not charge a lot. On the other hand, the price of a skillful writer who has many years of experience demands more money. What’s important to note here is that you always get promising returns against your spending. All you need to do is carry out extensive research activities and look for the best book writer in town capable of fulfilling your specific needs.


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Many ghostwriters ask for a part of their payment upfront, which makes sense as they need insurance before taking on the task. You will have to pay the rest of the money in installments as your writer continues to deliver as per the agreed benchmarks. As you hire a book writer, they are going to set the following milestones as signs of progress;

  •         Rough first draft
  •         Second draft
  •         Chapters
  •         A portion of the book, like a quarter.
  •         Specific Word counts

You can keep paying them according to the terms of the agreement set in the beginning. A writer’s book writing price comes second to their skills and previous record. Therefore, it is advisable to make sure everything checks out before finalizing your decision.

How To Hire A Book Writer? (GUIDE)

There are numerous CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, and successful individuals belonging to various professions who want to write a book to tell their story to the world. However, it is a relatively challenging task for them because it takes a significant amount of time. This is where working with a competent book writer proves worthwhile. So how does one go about the process of hiring a ghostwriter?  

Let’s help you understand the procedure in a few simple steps;

Figure Out The Main Theme Of Your Book & Its Audience

If you want to hire a book writer who is perfect for the job, it is important to understand what your book is going to be about. Plus, deciding who you are writing for also proves helpful. It is vital to clarify your key requirements before moving on to comparing the profiles of book writers. It can save you from wasting your hard-earned money as well as unwanted frustration in the future.

An autobiography is a type of book that contains the life story of the writer. Similarly, if the book contains stories of someone else’s life, then it is a biography. You need to understand the difference between the two types in order to convey your message to the book writer accordingly.

As far as memoirs are concerned, they are accounts of specific periods related to an individual’s life. For example, you can share your success story in business while discussing various life lessons resulting from the struggles.

It is crucial to figure out the main idea behind your book, but that’s not enough. You can have a top-notch theme for the book’s content, but it would not be of much use if no one reads it. Hence, you need to define the readers your book will target. Do this prior to hiring a book writer to avoid having any regrets later.

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What Kind Of Writing Service Do You Need?

Answering this question can help clarify your goals if you want to become a book writer whose work is valued. This is because it will prove beneficial in narrowing down the list of writers who are likely to be useful for you. Here’s a list of writing services you may need along with a brief explanation for your understanding;

  •         Short stories: You can hire a book writer to do attention-grabbing, fictional or non-fictional short stories. These are shorter than a full-fledged novel.
  •         Ghostwriting: You employ a writer to write a captivating book or e-book with your name on it.
  •         Book Proposals: This helps in developing a book proposal that allows you to sway publishing companies and literary agents.

Deciding all of this before hiring a writer is advisable if you do not want to waste any valuable resources. Each service costs different, so make sure to fully understand which one you need at the early stages of your search for a book writer.

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What Is The Length Of Your Book?

You want your book to be interesting, with every line as engaging as the other. Figuring out the ideal length of your book is necessary for multiple reasons. Any extra words that do not contribute to the story are considered unnecessary and unhelpful in developing a reader’s interest in the book.

Losing a reader midway through the book is not a good sign. Not only would they stop reading halfway, but they also would not recommend the book to their friends and colleagues. You do not want that to happen if your aim is to become a book writer whose work is perceived as interesting.  


Secondly, fixing the length of the book helps you decide the pay for your book writer. For instance, if you are writing a memoir or an autobiography, all the content comes from your side to ensure authenticity. In such cases, you hire a book writer on the basis of how much they charge for specific word counts.  

When Do You Want To Publish Your Book?

How soon do you want your book to be written? This is one of the many questions a writer asks when you reach out to them for their services. Hence, finalizing a publishing date helps you to set the delivery time of the final draft of your book.

It is no secret that writing a book is an art form that requires time and patience. However, a professional book writer is not likely to take a lot of time, since they want to provide their services to other clients and earn more money. You need to clearly communicate the timeframe in which your writer needs to finish writing the book.

What’s important to note before you hire a book writer is that they demand more money if the deadlines are tight. Keep all of this in mind and include such information in your contract while hiring a writer. This can help eliminate any misunderstanding between the two key parties involved, and you will get your book delivered at the right time.

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Where Can You Find A Book Writer?

This is the only question that remains unanswered after you have finalized the required writing service, the theme of the book, the expected delivery time, and the length. There was a time when people had to go through a lot of trouble to hire a book writer, as finding the right one used to be a relatively challenging task. However, the internet seems to have solved this problem to a great extent.

Freelance Websites

If this is your first time hearing about freelance platforms, you are in for a treat. These are online websites housing a huge number of talented and expert writers, allowing them to connect with high-paying clients around the world. Although, freelance platforms can also provide you with individuals rendering other types of services, such as web designing, book designing, etc.

You can find a very long list of potential book writers on freelance websites and select the one that fits your unique requirements. It should be noted that you have to spend a lot of time in comparing the profiles to find the perfect one due to the availability of such a vast number of writers. Regardless, any research will not go in vain, as you are likely to come across a good writer within your budget.

Surfing through freelance platforms, such as Fiverr, in search of writers also helps you get an idea of the market rates.

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Ghostwriting Agencies/Websites

There are many ghostwriting agencies and websites providing writing services to people at affordable prices. A successful professional book writer is likely to have their own blog or website. Similarly, you can easily find the best ghostwriting companies on the web that can help fulfill your demands.

You can visit the personal and company websites to find out more information before deciding to hire a book writer. One can easily find the following information about the writers;

  •         How many years of experience do they have in writing?
  •         What kind of genres of books do they write?
  •         What do they require from their clients?
  •         What is their estimated delivery time?
  •         How many clients have they written for in the past?
  •         The performance of their previous work
  •         Testimonials against their work for previous clients

Writer websites have all this information and more for their prospective clients to read. You may also find the same data on the profiles of several freelance writers. However, they are not as detailed as personal sites.

Final Words  

It pays off to hire a book writer who can deliver an incredibly written draft within a restricted period. What is important to understand is that communication between a book writer and a client is key to ensuring the smooth completion of work. We have explained everything you need to do before employing a writer.

You need someone who can become your voice and understands the vision behind writing the book. As a result, the book writer can effectively produce a copy that meets your standards and engages a reader’s attention till the end. It is advisable to conduct multiple meetings with the writer you are thinking of hiring to assess their capabilities.

The first draft you receive from your writer is surely not the final one. You need to go through the entire book and highlight the necessary changes required, if any, for the writer. As far as proofreading and editing is concerned, you have three options. You can either do this job yourself if possible, bring in another expert, or ask the hired writer to edit and proofread the final draft. Good editing and proofreading make all the difference between a mediocre and a bestseller book.  

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