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How to Sell E-book Ghostwriting Services on Amazon?

Amazon is everyone’s dream website to sell especially and with your search keywords we are assuming that you want to sell your E-book ghostwriting services so congratulations as you have landed on the correct page because the admin of this website will give you a walk-through through this blog on “How to Sell E-book Ghostwriting Services on Amazon?”

Selling your E-book ghostwriting services on Amazon is a straightforward process in which there is no need of creating any such account or buying a website. You just need to know how to use the seller’s tools and you can put your services up on one of the most-desired platforms for potential buyers to find it.

Having said that there are steps that you must follow to ensure your E-Book ghostwriting services are eligible for Amazon publication. Once that part is sorted, you can get started quickly and with little overhead.

Cashing your E-book ghostwriting services on online platforms can become your ultimate source of income, but obviously with the right approach. Whether you’re trying to reach out to a larger audience to use your services, Amazon is a great platform to get you started.

It’s not that there are no other publishing platforms, but Amazon becomes every author’s target area just like you are craving to publish your services there.

Ever wondered why is Amazon, the most wanted channel for both sellers and buyers?

  • It is easier to get started here
  • You don’t need several books or series of books to publish on this platform
  • Here, you can sell E-Book ghostwriting services for cash or credit
  • You reach out to a global audience at once

Amazon knows the weaknesses of the authors since it has all the tools to market and publish your books which in turn will sell your ghostwriting services.

It needs less effort to get the word out about your book. And once you’re able to capture your target audience, this platform can help you reach a bigger audience and become an astounding sensational writer overnight.

Under your E-book ghostwriting services, we are sure your expertise must be lying on different types so again it is important to know that some books do better than others, depending on various factors. So if you’re still in the initial stages of planning and have yet to write a book, it is still wise to research the most-demanded genres and types of books that sell on Amazon to avoid future embarrassments and losses.

Choosing the relevant category to write your first book could be the beginning of a successful online career as a ghostwriter in the long run.

The best part is that new books do extremely well on Amazon.

If you’re introducing your own work on the platform, certain factors will guarantee an ample amount of traffic on your page.

Market Your Book Smartly! The key to getting maximum views on your book, but wait the sad part is that already thousands of books exist on the same theme making it further a bigger challenge for you to stand out on the medium attracting views on your services.

The military science fiction E-book may seem pretty unique to you, but when you check out this category on Amazon, you will be startled to see more than 20,000 entries under that genre.

The next question here rises is what you should do to maintain that uniqueness that cursor goes on your E-book so that people take your ghostwriting services seriously and just want you to write on their behalf.

  • E-Book Cover

First check the E-book covers you have previously designed as which will certainly be counted as your portfolio are they attractive enough, clear enough, and are the illustrations matching with the title of the book? Maybe something is wrong in these areas which are pulling you behind from reaching new heights so identify where you are lacking instead of overlooking these points you never know improving these factors might rank you in the top five books.

Amazon too offers a default cover for E-books at the time of publishing, but still, we will emphasize either hiring a professional cover designer when self-publishing books because this one-time investment can change the game for you and become the ultimate reason your book sells.

  • Titles

Descriptions and titles should be your next aim to modify. The traffic coming to your seller page will indeed want to look at what is in your book. Not saying to discourage you, but descriptions do play a vital role and moreover, in addition to optimizing the title and description with keywords, you must be very compelling giving a tough time to all your competitors.

Please look into the description part as that is where you engage your audience without misleading them. Give them hints about the plot in a way that encourages them to E-book ghostwriting services right away as your traffic converts into buyers reading the description only.

Moving forward the next step is to make your account on Kindle Direct Publishing, the place which gives you direct access to your book on Amazon, and allows you to create a product detail page for your book. It also gives you the option to expand your E-book ghosting services availability on a global scale, making it more accessible for readers around the world. Publishing with KDP gives you full rights to your book, which is not something a traditional publishing house typically allows.

If you own the rights to your book you can publish using KDP if it has previously been published elsewhere. If your book has an existing ISBN from a different publisher, it must have the same title, author name, and binding type on KDP to continue using that ISBN. Any change to the details of your book will require it to be a new edition and have a new ISBN.

Creating your account here is super easy and hassle-free so self-publish and paperbacks for free and reach millions of readers on Amazon.

What more to expect from Kindle Direct Publishing?

  • Types of Content but not just limited to:


Book Series

Children’s Books






  • Get to market fast:

Publishing takes less than 5 minutes and your book appears in Kindle stores worldwide within 72 hours.

  • Make more money:

Earn up to 70% royalty on sales to customers in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, India, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, and more. Enroll in KDP Select and earn more money through Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

  • Keep control:

Keep control of your rights and set your own list prices. Make changes to your books at any time.

  • Publish in digital and print:

Publish Kindle eBooks and paperbacks for free on KDP

Find the right niche

Non-fiction is a hot genre when it comes to selling eBooks on Amazon.

Now find a more relevant subgenre that people can connect with on a personal level.

The best way to find a niche and write a book that sells is to go to search for book categories and click on subcategories on the Amazon website.

Consider the first two pages of the search results. If the majority of the books on these pages are under 100,000 on the Amazon Best Sellers Rank, then it’s definitely a niche that’s selling so grab the opportunity AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Even considering niches with above 50,000 search results are considered to have great market demand, therefore always conduct your keyword research using recommended tools such as Google Trends to find topics and rising keywords that are highly in demand.

Choose the Right Title:

Publishing your e-book ghosting services on Amazon requires much more than just writing a good book. Once you’ve done that part, your next focus should be ranking your book with SEO-friendly marketing content. This will help your book stand out and enable people to find your book more easily.

The right title does wonders for you so as a new author, always keep SEO strategies in mind when setting up the title, writing the description, etc.

Even if the reader doesn’t know about you or your work, it should make them jump in excitement when they come across the title and description of your book.

Apart from SEO, you need strong content that encourages people to buy and read your book. Soak your title and descriptions with the best SEO without making them sound too robotic. And that’s where your creative inner self kicks in.

Lastly, make sure you’re honest with your readers. Be it choosing the title or describing your book in the description section, never mislead your audience. Failing to fulfill their expectations will instantly lead to bad reviews and, ultimately, failure on Amazon which we are sure you would never like.

Professional Book Cover:

We have been repeating this multiple times, and we will say it again never compromise on the quality and design of your book cover! Unless you’re an artist too and know what you’re doing, otherwise it is best to leave the cover of your book to the professionals.

Other Marketing Aspects:

Marketing on a single platform is like losing your opportunity to make it big. In today’s world, social media is the most powerful tool one can utilize to sell e-book ghostwriting services. Make sure you handle multiple platforms to have more people know about your book.

Set up a page, run ads, and regularly post about your new book and let people engage with you from several platforms before finally landing on the website and buying the book. Never publish first and figure out marketing later.

Get Maximum Reader Reviews:

Once your book is up on KDP, work on getting strong reviews about your book services. Positive reader reviews work exactly like positive word-of-mouth marketing.

The first step to having readers review your book is identifying your audience. Once you’ve figured that out, here are some ways you can get them to write feedback for your eBook:

  • Reach out to active book bloggers in your relevant niche.
  • Track down and reach out to your competitors’ reviewers
  • Write a personalized pitch for your audience
  • Send out digital copies of your book to book bloggers
  • Don’t forget to follow up
  • Seek help from loved ones


Even if you get ten people to take out their time to review your book, consider it a great start as something is better than nothing.


Avoid Obscure Categories:

There are tons of categories for self-publishing on Amazon, creating vagueness in reaching out to the right audience. Here’s what you can do to prevent that:

  • Get bonus categories:

When you’re uploading your book through the KDP dashboard, you are prompted to add up to two categories. Get additional eight categories by contacting Amazon.

  • Choose categories with less than 10,000 titles:

While it is great to be a part of a running category, if it is too competitive, it will become even more trouble to stand out.

  • Tag your eBook using relevant KDP keywords:

Amazon uses keywords for indexing your book and showing it in the results for related searches. Choosing the right keywords will help your future discoverability, so choose wisely.

Leverage Amazon Algorithms:

You can polish your eBook’s KDP page for maximum conversion by following the steps above to get increase traffic and get as much attention from your potential readers as possible.

Amazon has established itself as the no.1 recommendation system and search engine for books. There are tons of ways to direct readers to your services, but one of the most effective strategies is to demystify the ‘Best Sellers Rank.’

The platform’s algorithms work is pretty straightforward and it will naturally put the more in-demand books on top of the list. The top factor is how well your e-book ghostwriting services are selling already. You can check out Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank to figure this out. This information is provided in the product details of the eBook.

Don’t publish unless you are ready:

You need to be 100% sure about it before you’re ready to set the launch date. So now that you’ve come to the last part of publishing your book on KDP, we recommend saving it as a draft and revisiting it when you feel more confident.

We have now reached the last part of the paragraph and hope that our blog helped your inner ghostwriter, which can confidently sell services on Amazon.


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