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eBook Ghostwriting Service: It’s easy to Hire a Ghostwriter & Get Your First Book Published

What does a successful entrepreneur or a celebrity do when they have a book in themselves, but their busy schedule does not allow them to bring it into existence? 

Pay for the services of an eBook ghostwriter

It’s simple. You hire professional eBook ghostwriting services to write your book while retaining the writing credit. Business owners, executives, coaches, and all types of successful people utilize expert ghostwriting outlets to publish a well-written book in their name. 

Now, you must have hundreds of questions regarding eBook ghostwriter services springing up in your mind. We are going to address all your concerns in today’s blog post, so you can easily decide whether or not to hire premium book writing services by the end. 

Let’s begin answering your questions one at a time. 

What Are The Positive Outcomes Of Hiring An eBook Ghostwriter? 

Every person wants to know about the benefits of choosing one option over another. So, why delegating the book writing task to a professional ghostwriter is advisable? Here’s how it proves beneficial; 

It Allows You To Save Time 

Perhaps, this is the major advantage of hiring a ghostwriting company to write your book. Successful business leaders deem their time extremely valuable. Plus, finding time to sit down and write an entire eBook is not easy, especially if you are flooded with other high-priority tasks. 

An average writer takes 1500-2000 hours to produce a book. On the other hand, an expert eBook ghostwriter can do the same job by taking half of that time. 

All ghostwriting clients need to do is communicate the instructions to the book writer and review the drafts they submit. Needless to say, you can free your mind from the worries of writing a book and start focusing on more important things. 

You Can Publish A High-Quality Book 

You may think that your writing skills are not very good. However, that cannot stop you from publishing a book written with amazing vocabulary, syntax, and sentence structure. When you hire a ghostwriter for an eBook, your chances of putting out a high-quality piece greatly improve. 

Yes, the quality depends on how good of a writer you hire. If you have a sufficient budget, then look for the best book writers in the industry who do not compromise on quality and are known for delivering standardized work. 

We will discuss the cost of an eBook ghostwriter later, but for now, just know that publishing a poorly written book can damage your reputation. Hence, make sure to work with an expert writer who will not let you down. 

Professional eBook Ghostwriters Are Full Of Ideas 

writing ideas

Book writers jump from one gig to another. Each piece they write has a different subject. Hence, it equips them with a lot of knowledge they can use in future book-writing jobs. Due to the nature of a ghostwriter’s profession, their brain is trained to generate bright and valuable ideas on the go. 

Paying for eBook ghostwriter services proves useful because they have a creative mindset. You may have an idea for your book that lacks the potential to resonate with the readers. A good ghostwriter can take any idea and make it interesting while maintaining its originality. 

One can also publish a book on a subject that they are not fully aware of by hiring eBook ghostwriting services. Expert writers have extraordinary research skills, allowing them to help their clients put out an eBook on any topic. 

Ghostwriters Can Help Non-Native English Speakers 

Research suggests that up to 1.4 billion people across the globe speak English, which is nearly 18% of the world’s population. Hence, publishing a book in the English language is an ideal move to reel in the maximum number of readers. 

But what if you are a non-native English speaker? 

In that case, availing premium ghostwriting services is the best decision if you want to publish a book in English. Individuals whose native language is not English can hugely benefit by hiring a ghostwriting company

For instance, you can publish a book that uses all the tenses correctly without other grammatical and spelling errors. Ghostwriters can also help you figure out the appropriate English dialect for your book. As a result, your eBook can be easily read and understood by millions of readers worldwide. 

You Can Publish Your eBook At The Right Time 

There are many people who start writing a book but cannot finish it. It can be due to their busy schedule, or they simply don’t feel like doing it. Consequently, they keep postponing the work, and the book is never finished. 

Such individuals find hiring a ghostwriter for an eBook increasingly resourceful. Delegating the book writing task to an expert is far better and less hectic than having to write it all by yourself. It’s not easy to produce a full-fledged book with commendable correctness, clarity, and engagement. 

Collaborating with a ghostwriter makes sure that your book is completed and published at the right time. Moreover, professional book writers are extremely good at meeting tight deadlines. Ghostwriters can deliver the final draft by taking as long as 30 days or up to 9 months, depending on various factors. These include the length of the book, the time required for research, and the obstacles faced while completing the draft.  

What Does It Cost To Hire A Great Ghostwriter? 

Hiring the services of an eBook ghostwriter is not cheap. It is crucial for you to realize the importance of hiring a great ghostwriter instead of a mediocre one. An expert produces higher-quality work compared to an inexperienced writer. 

Furthermore, it is not an easy task to write a book for someone else. Even though you are paying for eBook ghostwriting services, it still needs to have your voice. This presents a challenge for the writer, as they have to enclose their client’s personality in a book as accurately as possible.    

A professional ghostwriter with a sufficient writing experience is going to cost somewhere between $15000 to $70000. Does it sound a bit much? Writers who charge such figures have skills and expertise that take years to acquire. They are highly reliable and popular in delivering high-quality drafts, ensuring that your money does not go to waste.  

The salaries of ghostwriters depend on how soon you want your book, its length, and the content. For instance, a client can bargain to drive the prices down significantly by providing most of the writing material, so the writer only needs to write. 

There are a very handful of ghostwriters who quote six-figure salaries for one book-writing project. Such writers cost around $100000 to $200000, and they have a notable reputation in the industry. When it comes to the six-figure realm, we are talking about writers who have published their own books while helping other known personalities do the same. 

Highly acclaimed ghostwriters charging high prices for book-writing projects may also demand a share in royalties. Plus, you also have to pay a percentage of the money in advance. These writers are mostly hired by publishing companies who work for famous personalities and help them publish a bestseller.

While it is fairly easy to find high-end ghostwriters, they are not always available for work. Top-tier book writers have a backlog of clients and work on a referral basis. Needless to say, the quality of their work is unrivaled and incredible in all aspects. 

You may also come across someone providing eBook ghostwriter services for less than $15000. However, it is not a wise decision to hire them as they are not as good. Book writers demanding less than $15000 are either new to the industry or producing plagiarized work. Therefore, trusting them with your eBook is only going to lead to substantial losses.  

A great ghostwriter takes at least 4 to 6 months to come up with the first draft for you to review. During that time, they study and research to find useful information on the subject matter that can be used in the book. They also verify all the details from the appropriate resources before adding them to the book. All of this does not go as smoothly as it looks because it requires a lot of time and effort to ensure that a book is accurate and written perfectly. 

It is vital to avail premium book writing services if you want the maximum number of readers to read your work. Yes, it is expensive to hire a ghostwriter for an eBook who is well-versed and reputable. Regardless, it pays off when the majority of the readers find your book valuable and worthy of sharing with others. You need to be prepared to afford the right ghostwriter for the job before beginning your search. 

The 3 Primary Professional Ghostwriting Services 

Nowadays, there are three main kinds of eBook ghostwriter services you can choose from. They are as follows; 

  1. Ghostwriting Agencies 
  2. Freelance Ghostwriters 
  3. Publishing Companies 

Which one should you choose depends on your experience in the publishing and writing sector. It is time to help you figure out the best ways to select the ideal ghostwriting outlet that prevents your spending from going to waste. 

Ghostwriting Agencies: This is where you pay a ghostwriting agency to search for the best book writer. Once you hire an agency, it is fully responsible for finding the ghostwriter and vetting them to see if they are a good fit for your eBook. Choosing this option saves you from the hassle of vetting the writer yourself, which is indeed a very hectic task in itself. 

Ghostwriting agencies represent you and communicate with the finalized ghostwriter on your behalf. They take a cut of the fee you pay to the writer for acting as the broker. It is important to hire an agency that has a good reputation in the industry in order to connect with a skillful ghostwriter. 

This option is beneficial for those who have zero experience in vetting ghostwriters and bargaining with them for the best prices. Make sure to analyze the agency’s history and portfolio before finalizing your decision. 

Freelance Ghostwriters: A freelance ghostwriter is an independent person offering book-writing services with whom you can establish a direct connection. A major pro of going with this option is that you can negotiate the prices with a freelancer and effectively bring them down according to your requirements. Another benefit is the transparency you have with your writer due to the absence of a broker. 

There are many freelance websites where you can easily come across potential ghostwriters to write your eBook. However, don’t be so fast with the selection process. Not every book writer you find on freelance platforms is as good as they appear. This is the reason why only people with sufficient knowledge and experience in vetting the writers should opt for the option of hiring a freelance ghostwriter. It is quite easy to fool a ghostwriting client for freelancers by decorating their portfolios with fake records. 

Reedsy is an acclaimed freelance website for finding the best eBook ghostwriters in the business, gaining mentions from the likes of BBC World News and Forbes. From mystery and adventure books to romantic novels, the ghostwriters at Reedsy can do it all. 

You can also find good ghostwriters on LinkedIn. As far as platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are concerned, it is a bit more challenging to find great ghostwriters there. These websites have countless inexperienced book writers and only a handful of the best ones. Hence, it is not ideal to start your hunt for a freelance ghostwriter on such platforms. 

Other than a website, you can also ask your colleagues and friends for a reference of an expert freelance ghostwriter. 

Publishing Companies: The last option you have serves as a one-stop solution. A publishing company does not only help in providing premium book writing services but also manages the entire publishing process. This factor makes a publishing firm a perfect option for a person who is not aware of how to vet a ghostwriter and has never indulged in the publication of a book. 

An advantage of working with a publishing firm is that it actually cares if your book does well. Such companies are deeply motivated to make sure that you have the best ghostwriting and publishing resources at your disposal required to put out a bestseller. The publishing company pairs you with a manager who works as your guide throughout the whole ghostwriting process. 

In addition to this, multiple professionals, including author marketers, proofreaders, editors, and book cover designers, are engaged in assessing your book. As a result, the final draft and look of your eBook are extraordinary, ultimately ensuring that it attracts a vast number of readers. 

With a publishing firm, you get services like ghostwriting, editing, proofreading, book cover designing, printing, and distribution, all from a single entity. 

Bonus Tips To Make The Most Of Your Investment On A Ghostwriter 

hiring ghostwriter image

A mistake that most ghostwriting clients make is that they entrust the entire work, including the planning, to the ghostwriter. Hiring a ghostwriter for an eBook saves you a great deal of time, but it is important to prioritize the planning phase of the process and dedicate a sufficient amount of hours to it. 

You can conduct one-on-one in-person and zoom meetings with your ghostwriter to make sure everyone is on the same page. These meetings also allow you to communicate the publishing goals, your vision for the book, and other primary requirements related to the project. 

Planning properly helps you and the ghostwriter figure out the following; 

  • The theme of the book 
  • Book’s audience 
  • A detailed outline and the chapters of the book 
  • The main plot of the book
  • Character arcs 
  • Descriptions of story settings 
  • What will the book convey to the readers? 

Hashing out these details at the start proves increasingly helpful for the ghostwriter as they know how to style the writing of the book and fulfill each requirement of their client effectively. Establish a smooth communication channel with your hired ghostwriter, so you can both stay in touch, bounce new ideas off each other, and keep track of the progress. Give your writer the freedom to add their touch of creativity to the book as it engrains a sense of trustworthiness, motivating them to deliver the best work. 


It’s not easy to find the best eBook ghostwriter, so look carefully and make sure you can afford them. Book writing is an art form that demands patience. Hence do not rush your ghostwriter if you want a high-quality draft. You are hiring another person to enclose your voice and personality in a book, which is challenging. 
Regardless, competent ghostwriters have enough skills and experience to make it happen. Follow all the guidelines and surf through the right outlets to hire fruitful eBook ghostwriter services, and you can also have a notable book. So, are you ready to put in the work? 

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