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Are you thinking of hiring a ghostwriter? Perhaps, there’s a book idea or copywriting job for which you need to find a ghostwriting company that can help fulfill your requirements. This blog post gives you a detailed outlook on types of ghostwriting services in 2023. 

Back in the day, the term ‘ghostwriter’ was only relevant in the book writing and publishing sector. If someone wanted to write a book but didn’t have good enough skills and sufficient time to commit to the task, they could easily hire an expert ghostwriter for assistance. 

However, things are different in today’s advanced world. Ghostwriters have evolved to put their skills to use for a wide variety of writing jobs instead of restricting themselves to book writing. Needless to say, the change and evolution of ghostwriting prove increasingly beneficial for various types of clients. 

Before we begin discussing the multiple types of ghostwriting services one can avail of nowadays, let’s take a look at some fundamental terminologies to eliminate confusion, especially for those who are new to this. 

Who Are Ghostwriters & What Is Ghostwriting? 

Originally, ghostwriters were experienced writers people would hire to write books they could publish under their name. This means that if you want a book written but cannot bring yourself to start the process, hiring a ghostwriter can solve all your problems. 

Instead of hard copies, people in today’s digital world prefer to read eBooks on their laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. Hence, finding professional eBook ghostwriting services is not an issue. The entire concept of ghostwriting remains the same; you pay an expert to write your eBook while keeping all the writing credits and ownership of the final copy. 

The world around us is rapidly changing, and every profession is evolving to become as adaptive as possible. Ghostwriters in today’s modernized world are also branching out and providing their writing expertise for other types of gigs than authoring a book. 

Apart from eBook ghostwriting services, you can also hire a writer to execute your content marketing strategies. That’s right; it is possible to pay a competent ghostwriter for copywriting gigs. It is like any other scenario in which you let an expert deal with a problem simply because they know better.  

What’s important to understand here is that ghostwriters remain anonymous unless the clients decide to credit them for the work. This is one of the major reasons why individuals across the globe find working with ghostwriters incredibly fruitful. They get the writing done with perfection without being obligated to reveal another person did it. 

The ghostwriting industry is growing fast as more people realize its existence and importance in today’s digitalized world. Results from several research activities showed that more than 50% of non-fiction bestseller eBooks are ghostwritten. 

It is no secret that famous personalities all over the world, including sports athletes, film stars, entrepreneurs, and politicians, utilize ghostwriting services to put out well-written books people find valuable. They simply let experts handle the heavy lifting by paying good money for a ghostwriter’s competency. 

Types Of Ghostwriting Services 

Employing a ghostwriter makes you capable of developing any type of writing in any voice and tone. Isn’t that amazing? There are many types of ghostwriting services available, and we are going to discuss all of them in great detail. So buckle up and enjoy the learning process. 

1- Book Writing (Fiction/Non-Fiction)

There are so many different types of books in the world, each with specific genres, story writing, syntax, and structure. Here’s a brief explanation for every genre of book people come across and find interesting; 

Science Fiction

Such books deal with content explaining the effects of scientific concepts on society and individuals. These books have stories that mainly revolve around science and discuss ideas, such as teleportation, time travel, interplanetary warfare, telekinesis, fictional worlds, space exploration, parallel universes, experiments, etc. 

Sci-fi is a fiction genre that uses scientific information, principles, and theories to support the main plot of the story and how these concepts exist in the lives of the characters. All the content of sci-fi novels is imaginative but written on the basis of science. 

Historical Fiction 

These are stories set in the past and talk about prominent eras. The characters in historical novels are based on either imagination or real people who made notable achievements in the past. Each story in these books discusses the world that was before us, how individuals lived in history, and every concerning detail that explains historical times. 

A good example of a historical novel is ‘Gone with the wind.’ It is set in the confederate states of America when a civil war broke out in 1861. Similarly, you can find countless examples of historical books that are equally knowledgeable and interesting to read. 

Mystery Novels 

In this genre, the stories revolve around secrets that one cannot comprehend with enough information. The books can be about someone’s private life, a particular event, or secretive ideas/concepts. Mystery stories are full of twists, suspense, unsolved questions, and more. 

Children’s Literature

These books are defined as content produced for entertaining young adults and children. The stories in children’s literature are literary and non-fiction, with artistic creativity that a child finds appealing. This is a genre where graphics and pictorial portrayals of stories prove worthwhile, as kids can find it hard or boring to read long sentences. Fantasy fiction, fairytales, folklore, and picture books all fall under children’s literature. 


This is a genre in which the entire narrative is based on a specific time in the life of the author. Memoirs are written from an author’s point of view but do not confuse it with an autobiography. The main difference between the two is that the latter talks about the author’s entire life while the former is focused on certain notable parts. 

Memoirs are non-fiction that comes from personal experiences and contains material that readers can learn from while applying the lessons or solutions in their daily lives. 

Self-Help Books 

These are books that teach readers how to improve their lives and move toward a better future. They talk about various processes you can adopt in your life for rewarding returns. What makes self-help books highly valuable is that the information they contain is useful for people of all ages and backgrounds. 

What Kind Of Book Writer Are You Interested In Hiring? 

The list of genres of books is a long, never-ending one. Other than the ones discussed here, there are romance novels, horror stories, fantasy, adventure books, and so on. Such a vast range of genres means that the ghostwriting services for creating a book also vary. 

You can find an expert eBook ghostwriter for each genre. The types of ghostwriting services you require depend on the type of your book. Hence, figuring out the genre of your book and looking for a ghostwriter while considering it is important to avoid making the wrong decisions. 

A ghostwriter may be well-versed in writing mystery novels but unequipped to produce a historical storybook. Similarly, ghostwriters who know how to write children’s literature books are completely different as they have to brainstorm ideas and adopt writing styles that a child or teenager can find captivating. 

You can also hire a ghostwriter to write poetry books, short stories, graphic novels, contemporary literature, cookbooks, guidebooks, travel literature, etc. There are types of ghostwriting services for all such genres resulting from the unique needs of book writing clients worldwide. 

The legal aspect of hiring eBook ghostwriting services concerns a lot of people because, at the end of the day, the client gets all the credit for the book and not the ghostwriter who wrote it. Regardless, there is nothing to worry about when you go on to hire a ghostwriter for an eBook, as it is all legal. 

Ghostwriters work in the shadows, and no one knows or sees them. Ghostwriters are ghosts whose only job is to write for others who lack the skill, expertise, and time to produce full-fledged novels. No individual can tell a book is ghostwritten as long as you do not disclose it. 

You can disclose their name as a co-writer or choose not to do it at all. All of this is decided while drawing up the agreement that states the relationship between a ghostwriter and a client. So, decide your book’s genre and start hunting for the ideal eBook ghostwriter to help you write it. Are you ready? 

2- Speech Writing

That’s right; you can also hire a ghostwriter to write your speeches in an effective manner. You can have a ghostwriter form all types of speeches according to the occasion. Needless to say, having experts for speech writing rather than doing it yourself proves highly beneficial. How? 

Speech writing is a method of conveying your message, thought, or opinion to an audience. A great speech consists of accurate punctuation and uses the right words in order to deliver the message to the targeted readers effectively. Plus, expression is also of utmost importance when it comes to speech writing. 

Although the significance of a speech depends on the occasion or event, finding the right ghostwriter for yourself is challenging. No matter who writes the speech, you are going to be the one to present it to a live audience. Hence, it needs to contain all the notable elements of the speaker’s personality, including tone, choice of words, and expression.  

It is not easy, but it is possible to find a ghostwriter who can capture your voice perfectly in a speech. Professional speechwriters have many years of experience. They are fully aware of how to craft a speech according to different audiences. Such experts develop a speech while keeping its primary purpose at the center to ensure the listeners understand the weight of the words. 

Furthermore, skillful speechwriters know how to begin a speech in a way that grabs the audience’s attention from the get-go. They can add all the relevant points your speech needs to address in the right places so that everything makes sense and the audience can easily absorb it. 

Among all the types of ghostwriting services, hiring a ghostwriter to write speeches is highly popular. Many public figures, such as politicians, TV hosts, and presenters, take assistance from expert speech writers to write every single word they speak to an audience.  

Speaking in front of an audience is an art, but if your speech is poorly written, no one will find it valuable. Therefore, hiring a speechwriter helps you appeal to the listeners without losing their interest throughout the entire time of your speech. 

Make sure to keep all of this in your mind while looking for a ghostwriter to write your speeches. Conduct interviews, review their previous work, and recognize if the candidate has all the necessary traits of a speechwriter before finalizing your decision. 

3- Blog Posts 

These refer to articles you find in the blog section of websites. Many companies require blog posts of varying word counts on a daily basis to be put up on their online sites for several reasons. Optimized and value-added blog posts drive a lot of traffic to a website, which ultimately affects conversion rates. 

In addition to this, traffic that comes through blog posts also helps businesses to monetize and run third-party advertisements on their websites through ad networks. However, there are more reasons why companies need blog posts. Let’s talk about them; 

Blog Posts Help Build Trust & Loyalty In Your Audience  

Yes, boosts in website traffic are important and help increase conversion rates. But blog posts prove helpful in presenting your brand to the audience and giving them more information about it. You can use blogs to address the most common concerns your prospects have, letting them know that their queries are heard and answered efficiently. 

Moreover, informative blog posts tell the readers about a brand’s competency in its respective field. A well-written blog post can encourage the audience to become loyal to a brand and trust it is going deliver according to the promises. Building trust leads to creating familiarity, which contributes to converting the website traffic into customers. 

Blogs Posts Are A Good Way To Market Your Products or Services 

Blog posts are a vital part of content marketing strategies a business implements to attract potential buyers and make them a permanent part of its clientele. It also gives you an edge over your competitors as the blog posts tell its readers everything they need to know about a brand’s products or services in great detail. 

You can include useful information related to your products in the blog posts, such as how to use them, what are the benefits of using them, aftersales services, how to approach the brand in case users need help, and a lot more. Making it easier for prospects to learn about your products encourages them to purchase. 

Blog Posts Help With Social Media Marketing Strategies 

A business with a website must also indulge in social media marketing to ensure its customers and community gets constant reminders about the brand. Plus, staying active on social media is a fruitful method of enhancing a brand’s online presence. It is true that you cannot post entire blogs on social media platforms because they favor short-form writing more. 

But you can still take the main points from your blog posts and repurpose them to fit the copies allowed on social media apps. It is likely to prove helpful in driving traffic to the blog post on the website, and you can also get your message across to social media users. This is an effective way of ensuring all your marketing channels, including the website and social media profiles, are functioning in harmony to give the audience a valuable experience. 

Hiring A Ghostwriter To Write Blog Posts 

Imagine you need to put up a blog post every day of 1500 to 3000 words on your website throughout the entire week. It surely adds up to a lot of words on a weekly basis, and you cannot do it all of it by yourself. This is where hiring a ghostwriter to write blog posts for your website turns out to be a favorable option. 

Yes, you can hire in-house writers to produce blog posts daily, but there are a few issues involved in this approach. For instance, in-house writers often develop a repetitive style of writing blogs and articles, ridding your blog posts of creativity and uniqueness. Moreover, in-house writers might talk about your company in a biased manner because they are directly related to it. 

In-house writers often have multiple writing assignments lined up, so dedicating time to write well-researched and knowledgeable blog posts becomes impossible for them. Instead of cramping them with the workload to the point of exhaustion, it is much better to hire a freelance ghostwriter to write blog posts. 

On the other hand, you face no such problems with ghostwriters. You have to find writers with sufficient skills and experience writing blog posts for different brands throughout their careers. You can give a newbie a chance to write for your business, but it is a gamble. The beginner writers can either shock you with their amazing writing craft or cause your business to lose money. Is that risk worth taking varies from one company to another? 

Ghostwriters work for several clients, and all of them belong to different industries. Such writers know of numerous ways to fulfilling the specific requirements of their diverse clientele. This equips them with the expertise and skills to write all types of blog posts with unique insights and writing styles. Hence, letting a ghostwriter produce all the blog content for your website leads to profitable results and growth. 

4-Ghostwriting In The Music Business  

Yes, the music industry also operates by following the principles of ghostwriting. There are many artists within the entertainment business utilizing the services of ghostwriters to make hit songs and movie scores. 

Your favorite singers are not always involved with the lyrics writing process and only lend their voice to the song. Ghostwriters in the music industry also work on producing music for artists. While these writers use their lyric writing skills for other singers, they do not get any credits. 

Like any other industry, musical ghostwriters work behind the scenes. Sometimes, renowned artists also ghostwrite lyrics for other singers. For example, Christina Aguilera wrote the hit song called ‘Miss Independent’ for Kelly Clarkson. Similarly, Bruno Mars is a well-known artist who wrote many songs for other famous singers, including Flo Rida and Ceelo Green. 

There are many artists who got their breakthroughs in the music biz by ghostwriting songs for others. Needless to say, there’s a lot of money for ghostwriters in the music industry, motivating them to do all the work without getting any credit.

From making massive hits to working on advertising jingles, ghostwriters continue to provide their magical skills of composing music and writing songs in the industry that other artists sing and get credit for. 

Now, you need to understand the difference between cowriters and ghostwriters in the music industry. The former gets the credit for writing songs while also receiving payments in the form of royalties as long as their work keeps performing and getting used across various outlets, such as movies, TV shows, ads, etc. 

On the other hand, music ghostwriters get paid a flat fee or a percentage of the sales. All of this is agreed upon between the concerned parties while drawing up a contract before the writing work begins. Typically, ghostwriters are entitled to upfront payments instead of monthly or yearly royalties. 

Knowing the difference between ghostwriters and songwriters is important so you can hire the right person for the job according to your specific requirements, such as the budget. Songwriters usually partner with music publishers that help them get registered and paid for writing songs. Music publishers have the authority to license a songwriter’s work, monitor each song’s utilization, and manage distribution. 

In most cases, songwriters get paid per the popularity of their music and the artist they are writing for. For instance, if a song becomes a big hit, the percentage of the royalties agreed upon in the contract brings in a lot of money for the writer. Big recording artists and top musicians, including Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Dr.Dre, and Jay-Z, have all used the services of music ghostwriters and songwriters in the past. 

If you are a recording artist struggling to come up with a song but have the voice to become a popular singer, hire a ghostwriter. It may sound illegal to hire a music ghostwriter or unethical since singers take credit for someone else’s writing and dupe the audience. However, lawyers regard it as legal if all the proper disclosures are made in the contract signed by the employer and employee. 

Advertising agencies commonly hire ghostwriters to write jingles for their ads and other marketing avenues, as delegating such tasks to experts is much better than letting a mediocre writer do the work. 

Ghostwriters in the music business earn $10,000 to $20,000 per song. This amount can vary up to $50,000 if a famous rapper or singer hires a ghostwriter to write for them. Like any other industry, ghostwriters in the music biz also remain anonymous even when working on projects for big labels and production houses. 

5- Book Proposals

A book proposal is 15 to 20 pages long document authors use to pitch their idea to potential publishers. It includes the author bio, an overview of the book, marketing strategies, samples of a few chapters from the book, titles, and a table of contents. A well-written book proposal also has a chapter outline, explaining to the prospective publishers how the story unfolds in each chapter. 

Many authors and individuals who are interested in having books published under their name by renowned publishers hire ghostwriters to develop proposals that follow the correct pattern with sufficient details.

Publishers receive submissions from authors on a daily basis. They get so many book proposals, which means yours need to stand out if you want it to be accepted. Otherwise, you may not get a book deal, causing your work to go to waste or be sidelined. Hiring an experienced ghostwriter who has helped others develop convincing book proposals proves worthwhile, especially if it is your first-time authoring a book. A good proposal has the potential to help authors land publishing deals with reputable publishers, and hiring a ghostwriter allows you to achieve this goal efficiently. 

Why Hire A Ghostwriter To Write A Book Proposal Instead Of Doing It Yourself? 

A book proposal gives a detailed outlook on the book’s content, including its chapters, characters, storyline, and more. Readers view such proposals as documents that can fully inform them about the book without leaving out any important detail. If you fail to deliver your message in the book proposal effectively, there’s a risk of losing all hope of getting anything published. This means you will need to start it all over again. 

You can avoid putting in efforts that do not lead to fruitful returns by simply hiring professional eBook ghostwriting services. Do not underestimate the expertise of an experienced ghostwriter. These individuals have a reputation that precedes their incredibly valuable work for countless other author-clients and publishers. 

eBook ghostwriters may charge you a significant amount for writing book proposals, but it pays off in the end. These are experts who know what publishers and literary agents want in a book. They are aware of unique methods of grabbing the attention of book agents and editors by crafting outstanding book proposals.  

Furthermore, working with an expert ghostwriter to form a book proposal enriches you with insightful knowledge of the entire writing process that reaps short and long-term rewards. You can learn a lot and apply your learnings to future projects. Hiring the right eBook ghostwriting services enables authors to structure their book proposals correctly. 

So how does it work? In the beginning, the ghostwriter and client meet, virtually or in person, to discuss the book idea. As a client, you can share your ideas and goals with prospective ghostwriters so that they know what’s expected of them. Plus, you can also give them your notes, research findings, or any other material that can prove useful in writing the required book proposal.

Next, it’s the ghostwriter’s job to review all the material received from the client and figure out how to turn it all into a convincing book proposal. A ghostwriter’s assistance helps authors focus on the main idea of the book, which ultimately becomes the driving force behind securing publishing deals. They can enable authors to clarify the message of the book and make it come off as significantly exciting in order to sway the editors and publishers. 

Your ghostwriter also conducts research from their end to verify your material, ensuring everything checks out. It is the sole responsibility of the eBook ghostwriter to package your entire work into a book proposal that functions as a sales tool effectively. Ghostwriters help achieve this goal by focusing on the core details of the book and using them in all the five key components of a non-fiction book proposal. 

You are hiring a completely unrelated person who happens to be an expert in crafting book proposals. This gives you an outsider’s perspective on your work, clearly defining its potential to perform with the readers. One of the main benefits of hiring professional eBook ghostwriting services is that you begin working with an experienced individual who knows what the readers and publishers look for in the book. They can help you refine your book idea and its entire content to a great extent. 

What’s important to understand at this point is that every publisher has different demands when it comes to a book proposal. They all look for distinctive information in each proposal. Ghostwriters can help you optimize your book proposal per the requirements of various publishers. Plus, they can also equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to make your book proposal worthy enough for all types of publishers. Hence, it makes you capable of rewriting your proposal and sending it to a massive range of editors and literary agencies.  

6- Web Content 

This refers to all the content on a website, including text, pictures, and graphics. In today’s digitally influenced era, you can also find ghostwriters who render services to website owners for writing optimized content for visitors. From the ‘about’ section of your website to developing descriptive copies of products or services you provide, ghostwriters can do it all. 

It is vital to realize that eBook ghostwriters are different compared to the ones who help in writing web content. Finding a writer who is fully aware of ways to make web content shine and drive maximum traffic to a website is challenging. Regardless, it is possible if you are willing to put in the work to search for the right person for the task. 

One reason for delegating the job of writing web content is your lack of time and expertise. But that’s not it, as there are many other benefits of hiring a types of ghostwriting services ghostwriter for web content development. Let’s discuss more; 

  • Ghostwriters know SEO:

    SEO refers to search engine optimization, and you cannot boost traffic to your website without it. SEO enables a website to rank higher in search engine page results, allowing internet users to find and visit it. A skillful ghostwriter knows how to write web content according to the relevant SEO guidelines, ultimately contributing to your website’s success.

    Publishing highly engaging and informative web content is useless if it does not follow SEO. Hiring a            ghostwriter gives you an edge as they are always learning about how Google’s algorithm functions to rank blogs and websites. Hence, letting such experts develop your web content guarantees the desired outcomes.   
  • Ghostwriters Monitor Your Competition:
    Here’s the thing, reputable types of ghostwriting services do not simply begin writing web content the moment you hire them. They take their time to find high-ranking keywords, monitor your competition, and see what’s working for them. Consequently, ghostwriters also come up with ways to improve your competitor’s content and develop better strategies to attract traffic to the website you own.  Therefore, working with professional ghostwriters gives you an edge over other businesses in your industry. 
  • Ghostwriters Write Authentic Content:

    No one wants plagiarized and inauthentic content to represent their brand. Moreover, the lack of authenticity is often noticeable to the readers. Working with reputable ghostwriters gives your web content a recognizable and unique voice. Professional ghostwriters employ different tools to check the plagiarism of their content, allowing them to differentiate between plagiarized and fresh content. Ghostwriters deliver authentic and optimized content that stands out on the web to generate maximum clicks and impressions. 
  • Ghostwriters Can Communicate Well With Your Audience:

    Apart from avoiding plagiarism, following SEO practices for writing web content, and studying your competition, ghostwriters also know how to talk to an audience in the appropriate manner. We are talking about professional web content writers who have years of providing their services to a vast number of clients, belonging to different industries.

    Ghostwriters know how to structure web content according to their client’s targeted audience. Their writing style is flexible and can change according to your requirements. This is what makes ghostwriters a worthwhile option for writing web content since they can grab your prospects’ attention, retain it, and convince them of a brand’s authenticity and trustworthiness. 

As far as the prices of hiring a ghostwriter for web content are concerned, they are not as high as you think. If you conduct a cost/benefit analysis of employing professional ghostwriter services, the advantages will outweigh any drawbacks. Having an expert who knows how to execute every writing task efficiently instead of doing it yourself or letting a mediocre writer do it is undeniably different. 

A ghostwriter can charge according to the word count or demand a flat fee for every deliverable. The prices vary on the basis of the project you assign to your writer. If writing web content requires extensive research, the prices are going to be higher. You can negotiate the rates by providing most of the writing material to the ghostwriter. 

Think about it; what’s better, spending your precious time on writing useless web content or paying an expert to do it? Keep in mind that the latter is guaranteed to give you promising results. A wise business person will always prefer investing money in employing a professional as it enables them to earn a lot more. 

You can hire expert types of ghostwriting services to write web content by asking your friends and peers who might have employed such types of ghostwriting services in the past. There are many freelance platforms, such as Fiverr and Reedsy, you can use to look for potential ghostwriters. Make sure to vet your prospective types of ghostwriting services before finalizing their assignment to avoid hiring an amateur presenting themselves as an expert. 


As our blog post comes to an end, you must now be aware of 6 different types of ghostwriting services available for companies and individuals. Think about the definition of a ghostwriter in simple words; an anonymous person who writes for others. There is no restriction on the type of writing a ghostwriter must do. 

Hence, you can hire a ghostwriter for any kind of writing project. Book proposals, blog posts, books, speeches, lyrics, and web content are only the tip of the iceberg. Here are a few other examples of ghostwriting services you can hire to fulfill your needs; 

  • Scriptwriting for movies and videos 
  • Writing manuals or user guides 
  • White papers, explaining all about tech firms to their targeted audience
  • Social media copies 
  • Case studies 
  • Email newsletters 

Do you types of ghostwriting services see how vast ghostwriting services have become over the years instead of being restricted to just eBook ghostwriters? A globally acclaimed ghostwriting company provides all such services to clients worldwide. Now it’s your turn to reap the benefits of letting professionals handle the writing gigs. Don’t you agree?   


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