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Prime Ghostwriting Services is giving you an amazing opportunity to put on a show for the audience by displaying your non-fiction writing skills through our services.

A Testament to Trustworthiness

Our non-fiction writing services exemplify recognized reliability. With meticulous research, accurate information, and compelling presentation, we ensure that your content is trustworthy and credible. From academic papers to informative articles, our commitment to excellence establishes us as a trusted source of non-fiction writing.

Professional Non-Fiction Ghostwriters: Unleashing the Power of Words

Unlock the potential of your ideas with our team of professional non-fiction ghostwriters. Whether you have a valuable concept to share or a captivating life story to document, our skilled writers will transform your vision into a compelling manuscript. From meticulous research to captivating storytelling, we will breathe life into your words, ensuring your story resonates with readers.

With our comprehensive ghostwriting services, you can confidently entrust your project to us, knowing that we will deliver a polished manuscript ready for publication, allowing your voice to be heard by the world.


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Do you wish to become a best-selling author? Fulfill that desire through Prime Ghostwriting services within your country. Give us a chance to convert your thoughts into captivating text and make the world crave more of your wordplay.

Engaging Non-Fiction Ghostwriting Services: Crafting Memorable Words

Prime Ghostwriting Services can easily engage your readers with our expert non-fiction writing services and takes immense pride in reliable writing services from the greatest customer support throughout the book writing process.

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Whatever genre of non-fiction you want to write, our professional writers will do the magic on your behalf by adjusting solutions to meet your unique needs. 

We understand the issue that writing a fiction novel can be a frightening task for individuals lacking the required writing skills. So, if you have an outstanding storyline in your mind, you are more than welcome to partner with our experienced fiction book writers, who have expertise in various niches and develop a masterpiece ready to be published.

We strive to thoroughly grasp your speech’s specific needs and writing suggestions in order to make your day unique and leave a lasting impression on your audience!

Our Non-Fiction Writing Process

You will never get disappointed by our delivery as we are used to giving work on time and for this all credit goes to our well-trained and experienced fiction writers who understand the importance of time management. They stick to your preferred deadline and accomplish their tasks within no time to keep value for your work.



Welcome Call

When you opt for our professional non-fiction writing services, we call you to gather the necessary information and let you sign a contract to begin your journey with us. Furthermore, we provide you with a brief questionnaire to get to know more specific details regarding what you expect or aim for your non-fiction book. Finally, you fill out that questionnaire and submit it to us so we can start working on your project.



Research and Draft Outline

After the collection of the complete project briefs and understanding of the discussed strategies, in-depth research is conducted. Then our professional non-fiction writers will start the drafting process. Once they finish writing the outline, we will share the draft with you for feedback.



Producing Content Based On Your Ideas

Once our client accepts the outline of the book or project, our professional non-fiction writers will begin creating the initial draft based on your feedback. We then share it with you for revision and make the required changes per your advice.



Editing and Proofreading

We have a professional team of editors on board. The dedicated editor for your manuscript will proofread and continue editing the content until your manuscript becomes 100% error-free. We then share it with our clients, ask for feedback, and make necessary changes until they’re 100% satisfied with the work.



Designing, Typesetting, and Formatting

After writing and editing the manuscript and our client is satisfied with the work, our professional team will start formatting, designing, and typesetting your manuscript according to the publishing platform’s guidelines.



Book Publishing, Branding and Marketing

As soon as the client likes the final manuscript, we develop customized book publishing, branding, and book marketing strategies, execute them and let you reach a prominent position among your targeted readers.

Our Non-Fiction Writing Services

Business and finance writing

The writing of any communication used in a professional setting, including emails, memos, and reports. It’s direct, clear, and designed to be read quickly.

Self-help and personal development

The writing of developing new capabilities and adding a new direction to life along with ways to improve things that are already a part of one’s life.

Academic and research writing

The writing of essays, research papers, and dissertations in an academic style.

Biographies and memoirs

The writing of the life history of an individual and collection of memories written by the person themselves.

Health and wellness writing

The writing focuses on personal wellness, including mental and physical health, diet, and personal motivation.

How-to guides and instructional manuals

The writing provides detailed technical information regarding something and the guide provides to-the-point, concise, user specific information.

Prime Ghostwriting Services gives you all the reasons to choose us only because

Why Choose Our Non-Fiction Writing Services?

Experience Team

We provide our clients with outstanding non-fiction services and guarantee an exceptional copy with their creativity making sure that the quality will never be compromised.


Privacy is an important factor when it comes to non-fiction services. We take firm actions to ensure the security of your data and information while building trust and effective communication with our esteemed customers to offer professional writing services.


Be relaxed! There are no hidden charges or royalties to scare you from using our non-fiction service. Instead, we offer our customers flexible payment methods and affordable ghostwriting services.


“I had a great experience working with Prime Ghostwriting Services for my non-fiction piece. They provided me with an amazing comfort level and delivered exceeding my expectations”.
Adam Sendler
“Prime Ghostwriting made my dream of becoming a successful non-fiction author come true. Exceptional services! They gave me the best non-fiction writer, who knew what I wanted.”
Mike Stuart

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Most frequent questions and answers

Can you help me come up with ideas for my non-fiction book?

Yes, definitely we can help you in coming up with ideas for your non-fiction book.

How long does it take to complete a project?

In my experience, you can expect the ghostwriting process to take about two months from idea to ready-to-publish manuscript. Our final timeline will vary based on your availability to schedule calls and provide editing feedback. We’ll continue to set mutually-agreeable deadlines for milestones, so you always know what to expect and when.

How many revisions are included?

An unlimited number of revisions as it’s the client’s call!

What if I already have a draft of my book?

No worries, you can always revise, find room for improvement and share with our consultants.

What is your refund policy?

We do offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so if you are unhappy, after a few revisions we will gladly refund you your money. Alternatively, you can also inquire for credit via PayPal which allows you to pay back your investment over a few months with no interest.

How much does your non-fiction writing service cost?

Typically, manuscript editorial evaluations by an experienced nonfiction professional editor will cost you between $400 and $600 depending on your word count.

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