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Our movie script writers also write professional movie scripts from scratch. From rewriting prewritten scripts, consultation, typesetting according to industry standards, and script doctor services to collaboration, we take care of it all.

Blockbuster Scripts that Capture the Spotlight

Step into a world where award-winning movies are born. At Prime Ghost Writer, we’ve been the creative force behind numerous cinematic masterpieces that have graced the stage of prestigious award ceremonies. Our team of talented movie writers collaborates with industry-leading producers, showrunners, and studios, ensuring that every script we craft possesses the magic to captivate audiences worldwide. Join us on this extraordinary journey and let your movie script shine among the stars.

Unlock Your Storytelling Potential with Us

Discover a world where your brilliant ideas transcend language barriers. At Prime Ghost Writer, we understand that not everyone possesses native English fluency, and that’s absolutely fine. Just as you would call upon a skilled plumber to fix your pipes, we offer the expertise of movie script writers to transform your captivating story into an extraordinary screenplay.

Our team of professional movie script writers is equipped to handle all your needs. Whether you seek assistance in adapting your book into a screenplay or desire an original script crafted from scratch, we’ve got you covered. Our services extend beyond mere writing, encompassing script consultations, industry-standard typesetting, script doctoring, and collaborative efforts.


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Ebook Ghostwriting Services

Convert Your Book Into a Movie Script

Do you wish to become a best-selling author? Fulfill that desire through Prime Ghostwriting services within your country. Give us a chance to convert your thoughts into captivating text and make the world crave more of your wordplay.

Unleash Your Story on the Silver Screen

Are you struggling to bring your story to life as a captivating movie script? Fear not, for we are here to ignite your creative spark. Whether you have an extraordinary tale itching to be transformed into a screenplay or feel overwhelmed by the intricacies of screenwriting, we’ve got your back.

ebook ghostwriting services

Why not entrust your story to a professional screenwriter? Our talented team will skillfully weave your narrative into a mesmerizing script that catches the attention of producers. Let us handle the screenplay while you focus on crafting captivating story arcs, intriguing characters, and thrilling conflicts.

Getting started is a breeze. Simply fill out a simple questionnaire form and connect with us. We believe in open communication, so you can discuss your project with us free of charge.

With our pool of exceptional movie script writers for hire, we cover an array of genres including action, crime, mystery, horror, romance, science fiction, thriller, adventure, and many more. Let your imagination run wild and watch as your story unfolds on the silver screen.

Our Script Writing Process



Order Details

Reserve your spot by filling out a simple brief form, and be instantly welcomed by one of our cordial project managers who will take in all the information you have to share about your book.



Research & Outline

The best candidate is selected, according to your movie’s genre, who thoroughly studies the concept from available information and crafts an outline out of it. This outline is sent to you for approval before the screenwriting begins.



Approval of the First Act

The script is sent to the client for approval after every single act is conceived, where the first act is important because it introduces the characters, theme, and setting.



Complete Draft Approval

Turn by turn, all the acts are sent to the client for approval. The screenwriting does not proceed until the client approves the previous act, because every single act affects the story’s progression.



Unlimited Revisions

We offer unlimited free revisions to our clients and continue to rewrite the movie script until we achieve 100% of our client’s contentment.



Formatting & Typesetting

Once the final version of the script is finalized, we send it to our dedicated formatting and typesetting department, which scans the script, and make adjustments according to the industry standards.

Types of Scripts We Offer

Screenplays for TV, Film, and Streaming Services

Our talented team of writers is skilled in crafting captivating screenplays tailored for television series, feature films, and streaming platforms. Let us transform your vision into a script that captivates audiences.

Corporate and Promotional Videos

Need a script for your next corporate video or promotional campaign? Our writers are adept at creating compelling scripts that convey your message effectively and engage your target audience.

E-learning Scripts

For educational and training purposes, we provide e-learning scripts that strike the right balance between informative content and engaging storytelling. Our scripts will ensure a captivating learning experience for your audience.

Podcast Scripts

Elevate your podcast with our expertly crafted scripts. Whether it’s a narrative-driven podcast or an interview-style show, we’ll help you create engaging scripts that keep listeners hooked from start to finish.

Video Game Scripts

Dive into the immersive world of video games with our expertly written scripts. We specialize in creating captivating narratives, intriguing dialogue, and immersive storylines that enhance the gaming experience.

Animation Scripts

Bring animated worlds to life with our imaginative animation scripts. Whether it’s a feature film, TV series, or web animation, our writers have the creativity and expertise to develop vibrant characters, exciting plots, and witty dialogue that resonate with viewers of all ages.

Prime Ghostwriting Services gives you all the reasons to choose us only because

Why Choose Our Script Writing Services?

Exceptional Talent

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced script writers who are passionate about their craft. They possess the creativity, storytelling prowess, and industry knowledge to bring your vision to life.


Whether you need a screenplay for a film, a script for a corporate video, or any other type of script, we have the expertise and versatility to handle a wide range of projects across various mediums and genres.

Attention to Detail

We pay meticulous attention to every aspect of scriptwriting, from plot development and character arcs to engaging dialogue and pacing. Our commitment to quality ensures that your script is polished, engaging, and impactful.


I had the pleasure of working with PrimeGhostwriting for my latest film project, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Their script writing services exceeded my expectations in every way. The team's creativity, attention to detail, and ability to capture the essence of my story truly impressed me. The collaborative process was smooth and enjoyable, and they were always open to my feedback and ideas. The final script they delivered was nothing short of exceptional. Thanks to PrimeGhostwriting, my film came to life with engaging dialogue, compelling characters, and a captivating plot. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for top-notch script writing.
John M.,
Film Director
"PrimeGhostwriting has been an invaluable resource for our company's video production needs. Their script writing services have consistently delivered outstanding results. The writers possess a deep understanding of our industry and audience, allowing them to create scripts that effectively communicate our brand message. Their attention to detail, professionalism, and commitment to meeting our tight deadlines have made them our go-to team for all our corporate video projects. Thanks to PrimeGhostwriting, we've seen a significant improvement in the quality and impact of our videos. We highly recommend their script writing services to anyone seeking exceptional storytelling and engaging content."
Sarah T.,
Marketing Manager

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Most frequent questions and answers

How does PrimeGhostwriting ensure confidentiality of my ideas and information?

At PrimeGhostwriting, we take confidentiality seriously. We have strict policies in place to protect your intellectual property rights and maintain the privacy of your ideas and information. Our team members sign non-disclosure agreements, and we have secure systems in place to safeguard your data.

Can I provide input and collaborate with the script writer during the writing process?

Absolutely! We encourage collaboration and value your input. Throughout the script writing process, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback, share your ideas, and collaborate with our talented writers. We believe in creating a collaborative environment to ensure the final script aligns with your vision.

What genres and mediums do PrimeGhostwriting script writers specialize in?

Our script writers have expertise in various genres and mediums. Whether you need a screenplay for a film, a script for a TV series, corporate videos, e-learning scripts, podcast scripts, video game scripts, or any other form of scripted content, our team has the versatility and skills to handle your project.

How does the revision process work?

We understand that revisions are often necessary to achieve the desired outcome. After receiving the initial script, you will have the opportunity to review it and request revisions if needed. We offer a designated number of revisions, depending on the package chosen, to ensure your satisfaction with the final script.

Can PrimeGhostwriting assist with script doctoring or rewriting preexisting scripts?

Absolutely! Our script writers are experienced in script doctoring and rewriting preexisting scripts. Whether you have a rough draft that needs polishing or an existing script that requires a fresh perspective, our writers can provide expert guidance and make the necessary improvements to enhance the quality of your script.

How long does it take to receive the final script?

The turnaround time depends on the scope and complexity of your project. We work diligently to deliver high-quality scripts within the agreed-upon timeframe. Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, we can provide you with an estimated timeline for the completion of your script.

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